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Search Engine Optimisation Ireland
Search Engine Marketing
Web Builder
- ComSec Consultant

You can trust in my Wisdom and Life Experience

SEO Analysis
Web Page - Website
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Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Marketing
Web Builder

Have your website, webpage, web-pages optimised!

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Search Engine Marketing SEM

ComSec; Social Media Optimisation and Marketing Consultant; Web Builder.

Personalised SEO Service for Small to Medium sized Business in Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Australia and China.

Search Engine Optimisation Consultant acquiring premier generic positioning in Internet Search engine results.

Search Engine Marketing. Promoting your Internet presence services, products and information to the right purchasing public in a premier position.

Web Builder. Standards compliant website production, publication and maintenance.

Communications Security (ComSec) Consultant.  Are you data channels secure from prying people?

Domain name marketing and hosting organiser.

Software Development in HTML, XHTML, CSS.

Arthur O Hara is an expert organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist working in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimisation and Marketing (Twitter; Facebook, etc.); Web Development; Communications Security (ComSec); and generic skills acquiring universal "unpaid-for" premier Internet search results.

Committed to advanced, proactive, exploratory and creative learning, implementation and copy-writing that covers various aspects surrounding the current state of all fields of interest.

Following a thirty-six year career in the Irish public service in security and home affairs, with a penchant for matters IT; Propelled by intensive study, learning and high level intensive academy training; With a passion for its intricate detailed nature, has single-handedly acquired skilful knowledge and practical abilities and expertise in the above-mentioned fields and logically related industries, that prove successful and gain premier positioning and prominence on the World Wide Web.

With a balanced view, good sense of humour, fortunate youthful qualities sustained by stamina, survivability, bionic cervical spine reconstruction and a passion for work in Internet technologies, adequate common sense and intelligence, has set his sights and dedicate himself with pleasure to a new and exciting profession in online/offline desktop and mobile web applications development.

As a keen voluntary Philanthropist, Arthur is actively involved in many efforts to promote human welfare. His interests in philanthropy engenders a love of humanity in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing and enhancing what it is to be human, by identifying and exercising values in giving and volunteering, for the public good, focusing on quality of life; and charity to try and relieve the pains of social problems; and initiatives to attempt to solve those problems at their root cause.